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Go on a time traveling multi-dimensional Adventure alone or with your Friends! Zombie Party is an Intense Action RPG Shoot-em-up Experience with Creative Weaponry and a Modular Weapon Building System!


  • Travel through Time and different Dimensions!
  • Overwhelmingly Fun Multiplayer Experience!
  • Battle Hordes of Enemies and Fantastic Challenging Bosses!
  • RPG Leveling and Stats!
  • Full Controller Support!
  • Procedurally generated Levels with Destructible Environments!
  • TONS of Creative and Unique Weaponry!
  • Mod and Customize your guns using a modular weapon builder to create unique weapons of destruction!
  • Intense Gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and keeps you coming back for more!
  • Loot! Get all the Gold you can!
  • Hidden Easter Eggs and Interactive Environments!


  • TONS of Themed Zones to explore and discover!
  • Lots of Planned Creative Zone Types coming soon! (Undersea, Pirate Ship, and Fire World to mention a few...)
  • Including Procedural Dungeons and Caves!
  • Full Procedural Magic System with Elements! (used along side weapons)
  • Skill trees to further hone your Characters!
  • Perks, Items, Skills, Spells, and Tomes!
  • Armor / Clothes system!
  • Intelligent AI companions that act as full players along side you! (**coming soon**)
  • Profile System that allows for tracking of Stats, Global Gold, Unlocks, and Custom Load-outs!
  • TONS of fun content to unlock - Characters, Guns, New Game Modes, Game Modifiers, etc...
  • 150+ unique guns
  • 100+ gun mods, bullet types, and artifacts to mod your guns with!
  • Deathmatch, Tower defense, Survival modes, etc...
  • Animal AI companions! (to love and help you fight)
  • Online Multiplayer

Message from the Developer:

This game project has many planned features and content. I work on Zombie Party on a daily basis, so expect frequent updates!

This is a game project I am very passionate about and plan to take it far! Thank you for your support and feedback :)

Get in touch with me at www.peachpieproductions.com !


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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